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As a CIA agent on a top-secret mission, Duff Dixon traveled through time using a device given to mankind by inter-dimensional aliens. After ten billion long years of trying to save the world, he's ready to enjoy his retirement. On Play it by Year, Duff explores the history of popular music with a twist: each episode focuses on a single year and the songs that defined it. So tune in as Duff talks pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, country, life, Texas 5A division 2 high school football, and (at the insistance of his pushy callers) the future, aliens, and the CIA's deepest, darkest secrets.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 29: 1970

    WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!  Trapped in the booth, Duff has no choice but to keep the show going.  Twists, turns, and tunes from 1970!  He's not even middle management! ...


  2. Episode 28: 1989

    It's 1989 and Duff has an unnecessarily wordy question to ask. He'll play an eccelctic selection of tunes and talk to friends, enemies, and in-betweens along the way. Bow bow bowwwwww! ...


  3. Episode 27: 2015

    After a protracted hiatus, Duff is back and he's playing it by year once again! He'll chat with old friends, make a new friend, and play an ecclectic selection of songs from 2015. Stay cool! ...


  4. Episode 26: 1967

    Welcome to the bunker! Duff and the gang get acclimated to their new underground digs, scored by hote tunes from 1967. Bon appetit! ...


  5. Episode 25: 1999

    Welcome to Bright Light Assisted Living Center! Duff does the show on location, playing tunes from 1999 and trying to save the world in-between. Plus, a heist! What year is it? ...